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Wagner Tuning Evo 3 Competition Intercooler Kit For 8S Audi TTRS


The Wagner Tuning EVO 3 Competition Intercooler for 8S Audi TTRS features a core dimension of 515mm x 367mm x 95mm and thus offers a 84% larger cooling surface and 101% more charge air volume compared to the original intercooler. The intercooler end tanks are constructed of cast aluminum and have been optimized utilizing CAD flow analysis.

The help of additional air baffles inside of the inlet provide for a uniform filling of the intercooler. The result is excellent cooling properties with minimum back pressure, making this kit ideal for racing. The intercooler and the original crossmember form a stable unit and weigh only 25.8lbs combined. The Wagner Tuning EVO 3 Competition Intercooler makes use of the original mounting points and is easy to install. Experience optimum charged air cooling with a clear increase in performance! 68mm In and Outlets.

Constructed of the highest quality Tube Fin intercooler cores combined with cast aluminum and CNC machined end tanks for reliable, high performance air-to-air charge cooling.
  • 68mm Inlet and Outlet
  • Cooling Surface of 1890cmcompared to 1024cmfrom the Factory Intercooler.
  • Charge Air Volume of 16.5L compared to 8.2L from the Factory Intercooler.
  • CAD / FEM Optimized Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • OEM Mounting Points
  • Integrated Crossmember

Includes integrated crossmember.

Note: Slight modification may be required for installation.



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