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Unleash the Potential

Rethink your relationship


A Little Tuning Co. partners with the best specialist Audi and Volkswagen parts brands to bring their goods to New Zealand at prices designed to put a smile on the faces of people just like you. After all, it’s not easy being a German car enthusiast in New Zealand - a land on the edge of the world that only has eyes for Aussie V8s. We pay a high premium for our passion, spending many a night scouring the interweb for parts both far-flung and highly inflated.

But we’re also a smart bunch with a taste for thinking outside the box.

Which is why it shouldn’t be any surprise to hear that A Little Tuning Co. is the brainchild of two Christchurch Audi modification enthusiasts. We've spent many years sourcing and importing our own parts for various models, including everything from 1963 VW Beetles, through Golf MKIV GTTDI's, and currently onto a A4 B8 currently at Stage 2.

We thought "There has to be a better way!", so we set about forming relationships with key Audi and VW parts brands such as Integrated Engineering and 034Motorsport.

Long story short, if you want to unleash the potential of your beloved Audi or VW but you’ve struggled to find a competitive price on an aftermarket performance or OEM part, you’re in the right place.