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Intercooler Kit, Audi S2 / RS2

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The Wagner Tuning Audi S2 / RS2 Intercooler Kit is designed for use with the Wagner Tuning High Flow Intake Manifold, and is the only proven option for a True High performance S2 / RS2 Enthusiast!

High flow cast aluminum end-tanks have been FEM tuned and combined with the highest quality Bar and Plate intercooler core for the most efficient intercooler possible.

It then connects to the throttle body with a specially designed 10-bar-verified silicone intake hose that seamlessly flows into the Wagner Tuning High Flow Manifold to provide the shortest path for the cool air charge to follow, producing the highest horsepower and torque possible for your S2 / RS2!

The Wagner Tuning Audi S2 / RS2 Intercooler Kit comes complete with everything you need including a stainless steel Cross member/bumper replacement & intercooler support, intake hose (available in black or blue), a new aluminum ISV tube, and new high grade silicone hose for the OEM radiator.

OEM+ Fit and finish for easy installation and impressive optics.


The Wagner Tuning Audi S2 / Rs2 Intercooler Upgrade Kit features:

High-performance Bar & Plate Intercooler Core

CAD / FEM optimized cast aluminum end tanks

4-ply 10-bar-verified intake silicone hose (available in blue or black)

50mm to 70mm silicone intercooler input adapter

Stainless Steel Cross member

Aluminum ISV tube

High Grade silicone Radiator Hose

Easy Installation


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