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IE Spec Mahle 1.8T 20V 92.8MM Stroker Piston Set



We have teamed up with Mahle once again to design the ultimate 1.8T stroker piston set. As with all of the other Mahle pistons we offer, these pistons come to the table with industry-leading features, OEM fitment, and OEM-like wear characteristics. These pistons are recommended for any high-performance engine build, as they offer unparalleled strength and longevity.


  • OEM fitment and wear characteristics
  • Quiet piston operation
  • Ideal compression ratio for mild to high horsepower applications
  • Durable forged pistons
  • German steel ultra-strength wrist pins capable of withstanding 800+HP
  • Lightweight piston design
  • Propriety Mahle low-expansion 142P alloy
  • Tight ring to piston groove clearances to reduce blow-by
  • Hard anodized ring lands to avoid micro-welding
  • Grafal anti-friction skirt coating
  • Oil squirter notches that ensure no piston skirt to squirter interference

In order to offer a piston set with the strength to withstand high power numbers and the longevity to last for thousands of miles, we started with the heavy duty forging that is used for direct injected applications that see higher cylinder pressures than the 1.8T. We then designed them with the specs that we have tested to work the best for the 2.0L stroker setups, using an 83mm bore and 92.8mm stroke. We offer these pistons with 9.25:1 compression ratio, which we have found to work effectively for street applications as well as higher horsepower applications.

To maximize power output, the clearances between the rings and piston have been brought in very tightly to reduce blow by. This is achieved by hard anodizing the top ring lands, which prevents micro welding which could be caused otherwise.

To maintain OEM-like wear characteristics, these pistons are coated with Mahle’s Grafal skirt coating. This coating reduces friction on the skirts, keeping them quiet and from wearing over time- extending piston life. The grey appearance of these pistons is due to a phosphate coating. Providing a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves, this coating is essential for initial startup and break-in of the engine to prevent micro-welding and galling. Features like these are what allow these pistons to last for thousands of miles, just like OEM units.

In order to call these pistons the ultimate replacements for OEM, they need to fit like them. They are made with the correct oil squirter notches, which are necessary for stroked engines. These do not require any squirter clearancing or modification for fitment.

These pistons are manufactured from Mahle’s proprietary 142P alloy. This unique alloy offers the low-expansion characteristics of 4032 but strength near that of 2618 alloy. The low-expansion quality allows piston-to-wall clearances to be set tight, which allow the pistons to operate like OEM, quietly and smoothly.

Beneath the top ring and second ring lands an accumulator groove is machined, which provides a cavity where blow-by gasses can collect. This reduces pressure between rings, while virtually eliminating ring flutter and keeps top rings sealed securely against the bores.

Included is a set of performance piston rings, featuring a barrel-faced top ring, ductile iron, and 3 piece oil ring. These rings are designed to eliminate unnecessary drag, which reduces friction and increases power. Each set also includes high-quality German steel wrist pins and wire locks, which are 20mm in diameter. To match these pistons, we offer our IERTVA1 Tuscan and IERHVA1 H beam rods, both of which are a direct-fit.

Available in 83mm bore only. The 2mm overbore increases displacement to 2008cc when paired with a 92.8mm crank and allows you to bore and hone the block to the exact specifications required to ensure best results.


Available in 83mm bore only. The 2mm overbore increases displacement to 2008cc when paired with a 92.8mm crank and allows you to bore and hone the block to the exact specifications required to ensure best results.

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