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Mahle PowerPak Piston Set for VW & Audi 2.0T FSI Engines

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SKU: MAH-FSI-197789548

Manufacturer: Integrated Engineering


  • Optional piston bore size (sock or +1mm)
  • 82.5mm bore size: & 9.7:1 compression ratio
  • Optimized compression ratios
  • 20mm wrist pin for use with IE rods
  • Forged high-strength alloy
  • Maintains lightweight with quiet operation  
  • Proprietary Mahle 124P alloy
  • Hard anodized ring landings
  • Clearance for oil squirters
  • Includes Grafal piston coatings
  • Includes pistons, wrist pins, piston rings, & pin clips


Mahle has designed a unique piston for your EA113 2.0T FSI engine to meet the demanding requirements for today's performance engine builds.  Higher power demands have risen thermal loads, high engine speeds have increased inertia load, ignition pressure stress has increased through direct fuel injection and turbocharging.  Utilizing OE experience and innovative concepts, Mahle has continually adapted existing piston designs to combat challenges of aftermarket demands.  Mahle pistons utilize weight-optimized aluminum pistons manufactured from high-temperature resistant aluminum-silicon alloy. This alloy along with Mahle's refined design and production technology enable an ideal combination producing pistons with low weight and high load-bearing capacity. For use with 20mm wrist pin IE Connecting Rods. 


These piston sets include high-quality 20mm diameter German steel wrist pins and wire locks. Strenuous testing of multiple pin sizes on this piston and engine combination has determined the 20mm pin is ideal for weight, strength, and durability. To match these pistons, a 144X20mm specific connecting rod with a non-tapered 20mm small-end is required. IE offers industry-leading performance connecting rod options that are a direct fit and perfect match for your 2.0T FSI bottom-end build.


These pistons are offered with an optimized compression ratio for the factory 2.0T FSI (EA113) engine. We have tested these engines with several other compression ratios, both lower and higher and found that they are very susceptible to knocking, due to the complexity and precision of the direct injection system.



Mahle pistons are treated with their own coating known as GRAFAL. GRAFAL skirt coating greatly reduces the skirt to wall surface friction and increases scuffing resistance. Another advantage of the GRAFAL coated pistons is they enable a closer fitting clearance that gives significantly lower engine noise in conjunction with complex piston forms.


These pistons are manufactured from Mahle’s proprietary 142P alloy. This unique alloy offers the low-expansion characteristics of 4032 but strength near that of 2618 alloy. The low-expansion quality allows piston-to-wall clearances to be set tight, which allow the pistons to operate like OEM, quietly and smoothly. 


Included is a set of performance piston rings, featuring a barrel-faced top ring, ductile iron, and 3 piece oil ring. These rings are designed to eliminate unnecessary drag, which reduces friction and increases power. To maximize power output, the clearances between the rings and piston have been brought in very tightly to reduce blow by. This is achieved by hard anodizing the top ring lands, which prevents micro welding which could be caused otherwise. Beneath the top ring and second ring lands an accumulator groove is machined, which provides a cavity where blow-by gasses can collect. This reduces pressure between rings, while virtually eliminating ring flutter and keeps top rings sealed securely against the bores. 

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