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Crank Pulley, Fluidampr, Volkswagen & Audi 1.8T, 06a/06b

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Engine dampers are essential when building high horsepower and high revving motors. Up until now no one has made an effective damper for the VW/Audi platform. (Fluidamper)
The Fluidampr engine damper carries the following benefits:

  • Decreased engine vibration. No more flywheels, crank trigger wheels, or timing gears falling off of the crankshaft.
  • Decreased "Clutch/Gear Box Chatter" which is caused by lightweight single mass flywheels.
  • Reduction in rpm drops when shifting in a competitive environment.
  • Gains of 3-10whp and 5-13ft/lbs. of torque depending on your current setup.
  • An overall more efficient and reliable engine.

Please Note: Fits 06A/06B 1.8T engines. Early 058 (AEB/ATW) engines require a spacer for installation, as well as a serpentine belt converion.

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