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Brake Pad Set, Rear, Audi TTRS, Cobalt Track Compound

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These are the very same brake pads we run in our very own 034Motorsport Audi TTRS. They are extremely well-suited for the stock calipers, and we highly recommend using them in conjunction with the Cobalt XR2 Front Brake Pad Set.

Cobalt XR3 is a versatile, medium-high torque material with a solid initial bite and a slightly rising torque curve. Unsurpassed cold performance, torque stability, consistency, and modulation/release for this level of friction make the XR3 an ideal compound for moderate to lower inertia vehicles.

As a testament to its well-rounded performance, the Cobalt XR3 material set more poles and won more races in the SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup Series than all other brake pad manufacturers combined in the first year of open, non-spec brake pad selection. Recommended for rear-axle use on vehicles over 2800lbs to deliver optimal straight-line braking performance, stability, and controlled rotation while trailbraking.

Cobalt XR-Series Features:

  • No Bedding Required to Achieve Full Frictional Performance¹
  • Unmatched Disc Finish with a Minimum 50% Improvement in Disc Life²
  • Highest Torque vs. Initial Disc Temperature Stability and Consistency
  • Highest Repeatability vs. Number of Heat Cycles of any Racing Brake Pad
  • 2010 - 2013 Audi TTRS (8J)

¹ Full torque potential of all Cobalt materials will be realized within 1-2 laps. However, proper on-vehicle or inertia-dyno bedding will yield an 8-10% improvement in wear rates.

² As compared to any competing material with torque levels within ±10%

 Note: Cobalt Friction Brake Pads are motorsport pads, intended for track use only. As such, they do not include wear sensors or anti-rattle springs.

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