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Calico Coated Rod Bearing Set for VW/Audi 4CYL With IE Rods

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Calico Coatings offer an extremely high-quality bearing option for your VW or Audi performance engine build when installing with your new set of IE Connecting Rods. Each bearing starts out as a premium ACL Race Bearing shell featuring a hardened steel backing. This manufacturing process increases bearing crush for improved shell retention greatly reducing the risk of bearing spin. The increased ovality design compensates for rod distortion during high-RPMs for even further reliability in high powered street and track applications. This already improved bearing is then treated with Calico Coating's CT-1 Dry Film Lubricant coating to reduce friction and abrasive wear. This provides an incredibly long life intermittent dry lubricant that is very resistant to dust or dirt particles that may be trapped in your engine oil resulting in a longer and more reliable life of your bearing surface.


All VW/Audi 4 cylinder IE Rod big-ends are machined to accept these engine bearings. When designing the industry-leading connecting rods, IE engineers chose this bearing design for the improved strength and spin-resistance from the bearing tang. Factory rods do not accept tang bearings and are not compatible, these are for use when installing with IE Rods only.


Calico Coated ACL Rod Bearings are available in optional +.001" or +.25mm bearing clearances for engines where the crankshaft may require additional clearance. The purchase and installation of oversized bearings should be done with extreme caution.


  • Audi - A4 1996-2001 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - A4 2002-2005 (B6) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - A4 2005-2008 (B7) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - A6 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - A6 Allroad 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - A6 2005-2011 (C6) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - A6 Allroad 2005-2011 (C6) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - TT 2000-2006 (MK1 - 8N) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - TT 2008-2015 (MK2 - 8J) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - TTS 2008-2015 (MK2 - 8J) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - A3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - S3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V
  • Audi - A3 2006-2013 (MK2 - 8P) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - S3 2006-2013 (MK2 - 8P) 2.0T FSI EA113
  • Audi - A3 2015+ (8V / MK3) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi - S3 2015+ (8V / MK3) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi - TT 2015+ (8S / MK3) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi - TTS 2015+ (8S / MK3) 2.0T TSI
  • VW - Golf 1993-1999.5 (MK3) 2.0L 8V engines & 2.0L 16V ABF
  • VW - Golf 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V engines & 2.0L 8V
  • VW - GTI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V engines
  • VW - GTI 2006-2009 (MK5) 2.0T
  • VW - Golf R 2012-2012 (MK6) 2.0T
  • VW - Corrado 1988-1995 (A3) G60 & 2.0L 16V ABF
  • VW - Jetta 1993-1999 (MK3) 2.0L 8V & 2.0L 16V ABF
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V & 2.0L 8V
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 2006-2010 (MK5) 2.0T
  • VW - Beetle 1998-2011 (1C - 9C - 1Y) 1.8T 20V, 2.0L 8V & 2.0T
  • VW - Passat 1998-2005 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V
  • VW - Passat 2006-2010 (B6) 2.0T
  • VW - EOS 2006-2015 (1F7) 2.0T
  • VW - GTI 2015+ (MK7 & MK7.5) 2.0T TSI
  • VW - Golf R (MK7 & MK7.5) 2.0T TSI

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