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ARP Cam Tower Bolt Kit for 2.0T FSI Engines

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Clamp your camshafts in place with confidence, and never buy another set of valve tray bolts for your 2.0T FSI engine again. These stronger, reusable bolts are a direct replacement for the OE hardware. 

This is an ARP cam tower bolt kit for the 2.0T FSI engines. This kit includes all of the bolts and washers needed to replace the OEM bolts that secure the FSI cam tray to the cylinder head. By replacing these bolts with stronger ARP units, you can ensure that your cams will stay put even in the most extreme applications. These bolts are made from the ultra strong ARP 8740 alloy, with rolled threads. Another great feature is the fact that these can be reused as many times as needed- the factory units are stretch bolts and must be replaced every time they are removed.


  • Includes 23 bolts and 23 washers
  • Made in the USA by ARP
  • Reusable


Be sure to follow the factory torque sequence recommend by VAG (see your Bentley manual or similar) and torque to the included specs included by ARP with a quality torque wrench.


  • VW - EA113 2.0T FSI ENGINES (timing belt driven)
  • AUDI - EA113 FSI/TFSI 2.0T ENGINES (timing belt driven)

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