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034Motorsport Ethanol Content Gauge Kit For Audi 8V.5 RS3 And 8S TTRS


Product Description:

The 034Motorsport Ethanol Content Gauge Kit for the Audi 8V.5 RS3 and 8S TTRS is the perfect solution to determine the ethanol content of the fuel in the tank. The ethanol content at the pump can be inconsistent from station to station, and can even be inconsistent at the same fuel station over time. Protect the investments made to your RS3 or TTRS, and give yourself piece of mind, by seeing the ethanol content of your latest fill-up before taking your Audi out for a rip.

This fully plug-and-play kit is centered around the highly regarded Innovate 3904 MTX-D Ethanol gauge and flex-fuel sensor. This kit comes with two bezels (gloss black and silver) and two gauge faces (black and white) to provide four different visual options. The supplied OEM-style push-lock fuel fittings make installing the flex-fuel sensor a quick and simple process. The wiring harnesses supplied are the perfect length to locate the gauge in the glove box and provide easy access to power and ground via an intercept cable that taps into the air conditioning pressure sensor harness. Finally, the programming cable allows the user to change settings in the gauge as well as update firmware.

Don't trust the sign at the pump, and don't assume your fuel is blended properly. Install the 034Motorsport Ethanol Content Gauge Kit and unleash your 2.5TFSI EVO DAZA with confidence!


  • Dual Function, Ethanol Content Percentage and Fuel Temperature Gauge
  • Plug-and-Play Harness for Easy Power and Sensor Connection
  • Gauge is Hidden Discretely in the Glove Box
  • Choice of Gloss Black and Metallic Silver Gauge Bezels
  • Choice of Black or White Gauge Faces

What's Included

  • Innovate MTX-D Ethanol Content and Fuel Temperature Gauge with Black/Silver Bezels and Black/White Gauge Faces x1
  • Innovate Flex Fuel Sensor x1
  • Plug-and-Play Fuel Sensor Harness x1
  • Plug-and-Play Gauge Power Harness x1
  • Programming Cable x1
  • Pushlock Fuel Line Fittings x2

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