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Motor Mount Set, Density Line/Motorsport Bundle, MKIV Volkswagen & 8N Audi, 2.8L & 3.2l Vr6


We're pleased to announce the availability of our Density Line/Motorsport Hybrid Bundle Motor Mount Set for the MkIV Volkswagen and 8L/8N Audi chassis!

034Motorsport has assembled the Density Line/Motorsport Hybrid Bundle for the serious trackday guru and seeker of ultimate performance. This kit includes everything needed to replace the three key mounts holding your engine and transmission in place on your MkIV Volkswagen or 8L/8N Audi. Offering a no-compromise solution for those looking to completely lock down their drivetrain, this kit includes 034Motorsport Track Density Motor and Transmission Mounts and a 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount.

The Track Density Engine Mount Pair is manufactured from 80 durometer rubber, which is approximately 90% stiffer than stock. The void-free, solid-filled construction of 034Motorsport Density Line Mounts results in a mount that is approximately 120% stiffer than a factory mount. The Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount is machined in-house from T6-6061 Billet Aluminum and assembled with a motorsport-grade Aurora spherical bearing and Density Line rubber bushing to eliminate any drivetrain slop. 

Say "Goodbye" to wheel hop and reduce engine movement under load with this complete track-oriented mount set. No modification is requred here, because all mounts are a complete drop-in replacement for the factory units. The Density Line/Motorsport Hybrid Bundle will cause some increase in noice, vibration, and harshness (NVH) inside the cabin.


  • Reduced Drivertain Slop
  • Reduced Engine Movement Under Load
  • More Direct Power Transfer
  • Improved Shifting Feel
  • Complete Drop-In Replacement of Factory Engine/Transmission/Dogbone Mounts

What's Included:

  • Track Density (80 Durometer) Void-Free Rubber Engine Mount
  • Track Density (80 Durometer) Void-Free Rubber Transmission Mount
  • Billet Aluminum Motorsport Dogbone Mount



  • 2003 - 2006 Audi TT (8N)
    • 3.2L VR6
  • 1999 - 2005 Volkswagen Golf / GTI
    • 2.8L VR6
  • 1999 - 2004 Volkswagen Jetta / GLI
    • 2.8L VR6
  • 2004 Volkswagen R32
    • 3.2L VR6

NOTE: This Street Density Mount application features stiffer and less compliant rubber, however, the mount is not designed to see significantly larger amounts of abuse, as Density Mounts use a similar design and construction to the OEM mounts. This means that driving dynamics are improved, but these mounts are not necessarily suited for more punishing applications or abuse. Normal "sport driving" will typically see these mounts lasting up to 50k miles or more. More abusive use, such as aggressive drag racing, clutch dumps, aggressive shifting, and big increases in power, can cause these mounts to fail or wear prematurely, typically in 20k miles or less. For mounts that will sustain the latter abusive scenarios, we strongly recommend our Motorsport Mounts which are designed for specifically for such use.

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