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Snub (Torque) Mount, Street Density, B7 Audi RS4 & C5 Audi RS6

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We're proud to announce the availability of Street Density Snub (Torque) Mounts for the B7 Audi RS4 & C5 Audi RS6! The factory torque mounts in these applications are known to fail when the soft rubber separates, making the mount ineffective and resulting in excessive engine movement.

034Motorsport's Density Line Mounts are the new standard in comfort and performance. Our mounts are redesigned with performance in mind, and manufactured from high-durometer rubber for increased performance and durability, without sacrificing comfort.
Street Density:
034Motorsport Street Density Snub Mounts are manufactured from 65 durometer rubber, which is approximately 30% stiffer than the failure-prone factory mounts. The steel bases have also been redesigned to cope with the added stresses of spirited driving and increased torque.
The result is a significant reduction in engine movement, solid shifting, and increased mount longevity. Street Density Snub Mounts will not cause any noticeable increase in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) inside of the cabin. These mounts are a completely re-engineered performance solution, not just inserts for use with the factory mounts.
  • Manufactured from 65 Durometer Rubber
  • Increased Longevity Over Factory Mount
  • Reduced Engine Movement
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved Shifter Feel
  • Costs 75% Less Than Factory Replacement
  • 2006 - 2008 Audi RS4 (B7)
    • 4.2L FSI
  • 2003 - 2004 Audi RS6 (C5)
    • 4.2T
  • 4B3199267 / 4B3 199 267
1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty (If you encounter any issues with our products outside of the warranty period, we will work with you to provide a resolution.)
High-Durometer Rubber vs. Polyurethane:
Density Line Mounts are manufactured from high-durometer rubber instead of polyurethane for a number of reasons. While vulcanized rubber mounts are more expensive to prototype due to increased complexity of manufacturing and high initial tooling costs, rubber is inherently better than polyurethane as a damping medium for mounts.
Rubber is able to deal with stress under both tension and compression, while polyurethane mounts rely on the damping medium to be effective only under compression. Rubber is also excellent in shear, where polyurethane is ineffective, making it ideal for suspension bushings that apply a shear force to the bushing during articulation.
Rubber does not pack and wear like polyurethane does, which ultimately results in a long-lasting part with consistent performance and comfort.


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