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Shifter Bushing, 016, Oem Replica

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This 016 shifter bushing became NLA from Audi, part # 431 711 221, we have had them made in a high quality replica to replace this all too common worn out bushing on all 016 shifter linkages.

NOTE:This bushing is made to meet or exceed OEM quality, strength and durability, however this bushing cannot in of itself fix all the other bushings and linkage related issues with the 016 shifter assembly. Many of these parts are no longer available. If other bushings and linkages are moving in a non-linear fashion outside of their range, then this bushing will be subject for forces and binding it was not designed for, and will fail. We include this note to highlight this is not a problem with this bushing, and when the linkage is repaired and refurbished as intended, this bushing will last a very long time and do what it's supposed to. Please be sure to take the quality of other bushings into account when rebuilding your shifter linkage assembly.

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