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01a Short Shift Kit, B3/B4 Chassis Audi 80/90 & Coupe Quattro


This short shift kit for the B3/B4 Audi 80/90/CQ and 84-87.4 Coupe GT (with slight modification) is made of 100% German OEM parts, provides approximately 30% reduction in throw, and is a bolt-in replacement for the worn factory parts in your 80, 90, or Coupe Quattro. The kit does not require modification of any original parts, so the installation is completely reversible.

The shift knob stays at the same height in the cabin. Cutting the shift lever to shorten the knob height is possible, but is not recommended.


  • 100% Complete Bolt-In Kit
  • Provides 30% Reduction in Throw
  • Refreshes Worn Factory Parts 

Installation Instructions:

  • Click Here!
  • Tools required include basic metric wrenches and sockets (1/4" drive is fine), and a pair of snap-ring pliers.
  • Installation typically takes 20-45 minutes, and we would rate difficulty as "Level 2" out of 10.


All parts in this kit now include a 12-month warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. 

Special Notes:

The nature of this kit eliminates the push-down reverse lockout. That is, you no longer have to push down on the knob to engage reverse. Do not be alarmed! Accidental engagement of reverse is still nearly impossible. The 012/01A-series transmissions have an internal lockout which prevents selecting reverse without first selecting the central neutral position. You cannot engage reverse directly from fifth gear under any condition. You must first return to center, then engage reverse.

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