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012/016/01e Short Shift Kit, Audi 4000/5000/200 Quattro, Urquattro, C4 Audi URS4/URS6

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The 034Motorsport short shift kit for 4000q/5000q/200Q/UrQuattro and C4 UrS4 and UrS6 (all 016 and 01E transmissions) is simply THE short shift solution on the market at the lowest price. Rarely do those two claims work together with an aftermarket Audi part. These CAD-designed shifters are crafted from a mix of billet stainless steel, aluminum, and brass and are CNC-machined locally here in the USA. Every aspect of production is overseen to guarantee the quality of each individual piece and maintain reasonable machining costs.

This new design is installed from the cockpit of the car in 1-2 hours and provides numerous benefits over the stock linkage. First: it is infinetly adjustable in throw between 0% and 30% reduction. Second: the new billet aluminum design offers much greater precision than the OEM plastic linkage. Third: the use of brass and stainless steel for critical parts guarantees a lifetime of precise shifts with virtually no wear!

The 016 gearbox offers effortless throws and generally smooth shifting, but most linkages are now 20 years old and could really use some refreshing. Rebuilding the linkage is simple to do yourself, and with this kit you will wonder how you ever lived with such a sloppy linkage!

Applications include:

  • 4000 quattro with 016
  • Original Quattro with 016
  • Type 44 chassis with 016 trans including 5000, 200 
  • C4 S4 and S6 with 01E trans

Special Notes:This shifter retains all reverse lock-out features and is compatible with 5-speed, 6-speed, and 6-speed converted cars in all markets.

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