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Driveshaft Cv Boot Repair Kit For Audi Quattro Vehicles

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Are your driveshaft CV boots ripped after years of abuse underneath your car? Are you looking to replace your driveshaft CV Joint and protect it with a new rubber boot?

If so, look no further than this Driveshaft CV Boot Repair Kit for the front or rear CV joints on the factory center driveshaft. Centered around a chloroprene rubber CV boot, this replacement kit is resistant to oil, heat, and any adverse weather the underside of your car might see. The 034Motorsport Driveshaft CV Boot Repair Kit ncludes all necessary clamps and gaskets to make this a complete solution.

This high-quality CV Boot Repair Kit will fit the front or rear position of the center driveshaft on most Audi Quattro vehicles. 

What's Included:

  • Chloroprene Rubber CV Boot
  • Replacement Paper Gaskets
  • Lithium Grease
  • Crimp Clamp

 Sold individually. 

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