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Driveshaft Support Center Bearing, Audi Large Chassis, 5000/100/200 Quattro

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Finally, a driveshaft support solution for the large chassis cars! Ideal for fixing issues commonly caused by a failing driveshaft support, including vibration at certain speeds and loud noises coming from the driveshaft tunnel.

We use OE components with a custom mounting solution for the OE part that was never offered, even in the aftermarket.  Fits all large chassis Audi 5000, 100, 200, etc.

Please Note:

  • Installation may require shimming of mounting bracket JUST like the OEM driveshaft support installed by Audi. Factory procedures apply.
  • This product only fits older Audi 5000/100/200 chassis vehicles. If you are looking for a driveshaft support for a newer C4 chassis vehicle, please click here: Driveshaft Support, C4 Chassis Audi UrS4/UrS6 & A6

This product typically ships in 1-2 days.

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