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Audi Coupe Quattro/S2/Rs2/S4/80/90 Southbend Clutch Package With 034Motorsport Flywheel


This clutch kit is for the Audi Coupe Quattro/S2/RS2/S4/80/90 and includes one of our 12lb, 5 cylinder aluminum flywheels.  Will also fit any Audi 5-cylinder motor with 01A or 01E Gearbox (will NOT fit 016 variant gearboxes). This is a great, streetable setup with FAST revving in gears 1-3, also greatly improved rev-matching abilities for heel-toe shifting. We really love the Stage 3 Daily for a great dual street/track setup for applications up to 450HP, a sprung disk means no chatter and smooth drivability.

Fitment Guide

  • Audi S2, 1991-1995, 3B
  • Audi Coupe Quattro 1990-1991, 7A
  • Audi 80, 90 Quattro, 7A, NG, NF
  • Audi RS2, 1994-1995, ABY, ADU (note remove transmission spacer)
  • Audi S4, 1991-1994, AAN

Kit includeseverything needed to install - new pilot bearing, Throwout Bearing as well as proper flywheel bolts for the installation.

SS Kits

SS Stage 3 - (KF772-SS-O) - Daily: The Stage 3 SS-O Organic kits contain an extreme clamp load pressure plate and heavy duty organic disc. The discs feature premium woven medium metal content organic linings. This friction material has a 9,000 RPM burst and dissipates heat quicker than any other organic lining on the market. Also included in the kit are a throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool. Torque Rating: 400 ft/lbs

SS Stage 3 - (KF772-SS-TZ) - Endurance: The Stage 3 SS-TZ Kevlar kits contain an extreme clamp load pressure plate and heavy duty kelvar disc. The metal backed kevlar linings provide a smooth engagement and have the torque capacity to handle high horse power, high revving engines. The disk is rated to 12,000rpm. These clutch kits maintain a stock feel at the pedal and have unmatched durability. Also included in the kit are a throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool. Torque Rating: 425 ft/lbs

SS Stage 4 - (KF772-SS-X) - Extreme: The Stage 4 SS-X Feramic kits are the ultimate when it comes to delivering maximum torque to the street and strip driven car. With feramic on both sides of the disc, the clutch delivers a more positive engagement. Because feramic clutch material dissipates heat extremely fast it will give you maximum clutch life and a consistent feel each time you shift. Torque Rating: 505 ft/lbs

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Note about break-in: This clutch uses a heavy duty clutch disc that performs well in very high torque use that produce extreme shear forces and heat.  In order to gain this performance advantage, the disc friction material is much harder and more robust than the typical OEM organic disc. In addition, the disc backing plate, what the friction material is riveted to, is much more rigid.  OEM clutch discs use a type of belleville spring washer to allow the disc to compress and be compliant when being clamped between the pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces.  These high performance clutches, however, use a solid steel backing plate which does not compress at all, this type of construction gives the disc its incredible strength, but means that the disc will require more break-in time than the compliant OEM counterpart.  Keep in mind that this clutch may have trouble fully disengaging the first time it's used, and will require much more break-in than the OEM clutch to achieve normal use.  Typically up to 1000 miles of use is normal to get full break-in. Be sure break-in use consists of generous stop and go as well as shifting, the slipping action as the clutch is engaged is what facilitates the break-in process.  Ultimately the break-in process is one that allows the clutch disc to conform to the pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces, once these surfaces conform to each other they perform very well and offer the maximum clutch holding power possible. Be patient with initial use and driving and you'll be rewarded with an incredible performing clutch system!

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