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Caliper Bracket, Rear B5 300mmx22mm Brake Rotor Upgrade

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Looking to install 300mmx22mm B7 S4 rear brakes on your B5 A4/S4? Good, cause it just got a lot easier!

CNC machined from 1/2" steel with a high quality zinc coating, includes mounting hardware. Use B5 S4 Calipers and B7 S4 Rotors, which we can also supply.

Stock brake lines will not work with this kit, however stainless brake lines are now included in every kit to ensure proper fitment!

Price per pair with hardware and brake lines.  

Installation Instructions for Full Kit:

This brake upgrade will only fit under 17" wheels or larger.

Note: Due to small dimensional pad and rotor differences (depending on brands), in some cases we have had customers note there may be a small amount of pad emerging the outside of the rotor.  This is functionally and mechanically of no concern and has no affect to the safety or quality of braking force.

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