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Rod Bearing Set, Vw 4-Cyl, Coated

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Coated rod bearing set for the VW/Audi 4-cyl motor. Fits virtually all 4-cyl motors, including early 058 block 1.8t, and later 4-cylinder motors using Scat or Pauter forged rods with TANGED bearing provisions.  (See here for Tangless Rod Bearings)

First we start with an OE rod bearing set, then coat them with the most advanced anti-friction coating available.

Dry film lubricant that is technically engineered to withstand extreme performance pressure. Using coated engine bearings increases horsepower and efficiency, extends bearing life - and in the case of oil pressure loss, provides protection to bearings longer to prevent immediate overheating and galling of crank jornal surfaces.

In stock at standard sizes only.

Price per set for one motor.  Note - Rods with tanged bearing provisions required for later 06B applications

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