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Valve Spring Set, 5-Valve, High Rate And Lift W/Ti Ret.

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All new high lift, high rate valve-spring set with Titanium retainers, the ultimate valve-spring solution for the 1.8t or 2.7t motor.

To accomodate ridiculous lifts up to 12.1mm (.476"), overall spring length is increased (to prevent coil bind) and custom Titanium retainers are supplied to fit stock valve stem length configurations.

Full set includes new dual exhaust springs, single intake springs, Titanium retainers and centering spacers for the exhaust springs.


Intake:OD 20.6mm, 58lbs @ 36.6mm - 128lbs @ 10.5mm lift, coil bind at 23mm, max lift 12.1mm

Exhaust: OD 29.1mm outer, 15.5mm inner, 70lbs @ 33.5mm -  190lbs @ 21.5mm, coil bind at 19.5mm, max lift 12.1mm

Note: always check for coil bind at full lift before running an engine

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