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Turbo Inlet Hose, 3" Silicone, Longitudinal 1.8T, Big Turbo

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Designed to fit the longitudinal 1.8T with stock-location big turbo upgrades, and 2.75" ID TT225/VR6 MAF housing. Constructed from high quality, automotive grade silicone using 4-layers of reinforced nylon with wire reinforcement. This hose will not collapse even under extreme vacuum.

This inlet hose is 3" at the MAF and 3" at the turbo inlet, and features provisions for all factory DV, PCV, vacuum lines.  Includes hose clamps.

Please Note: Features a 3/4" provision for the "pancake valve." Late AMB engine code B6 1.8T cars may have to use an adapter or retrofit to the early valve.

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