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Turbo Inlet Hose, 20vt I5, 3" MAF To Turbo Hose


This wire-reinforced 4-ply silicone MAF to turbo intlet hose fits turbos with 3.0" inlets, and will not collapse like the stock rubber hose.

Has ports for N75 valve, turbo bypass valve, and valve cover breather port. Extremely rigid, will not collapse, very high flow. The finest quality, perfect for installing our KKK/Garrett hybrid turbos in all 20vt Motronic equipped or otherwise applications.

Select diameter and color below.

Please Note: Due to the larger size and flow capacity of this hose, we do not recommend using the OEM ducting from the core support to the stock air box, this not only restricts room but is also restrictive to flow above 350HP levels.  If you must use these pieces for your own reasons, then we can supply parts to help you relocate the N75 valve for an extra cost, or you can relocate it yourself. The fit is still VERY tight but it can all be squeezed in. We will not be responsible for any loss of performance or power from using the stock airbox air box ducting.

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