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Turbo Kit, Audi I5 20v, Garrett Gt


Finally, an easy, bolt on turbo kit capable of 500+ crank HP for the Audi 20v 5-cylinder. Includes everything needed to install in an Audi 3B/AAN application including oil/water line kit, your choice of GT turbo and Silicone intake boot. Turbos will feature a 2.75" inlet, with bolt-in KKK turbine housing of your choice (note, a GT30 comes with 3" inlet)

These turbos are the ultimate in turbo technology, using the latest computer design and manufacturing technology, finally an aftermarket turbo with OEM quality, and a choice to meet virtually any need. Garrett GT turbos have proven themselves in not only the highest levels of Motorsport (CART, Lemans, World Rally and NHRA Drag racing), but also in OEM applications in vehicles delivered straight from the factory.

Consider the GT turbos the best of all worlds - they are the most powerful, efficient, cost effective and reliable turbos we've used, this is a "free lunch" if there ever was one.

Turbo Options:

GT28RS - Ultra-fast spoolup, instantaneous, as fast as the K24, boost by 2000rpm in higher gears, capable of 350 crank, very powerful midrange. Comprable to RS2 output levels with  faster spool up, efficiencty and transient response.

GT2871RS - Fast spoolup by 3000rpm, larger compressor for flow over 400HP, linear from 3k to 7krpm.

GT3071 - "RS2-killer", full boost by 3300rpm and 475+ HP capable, strong midrange and topend, slight "turbo-lag" below 3krpm, 40psi + capable with extreme efficiency.

GT30R - The ultimate 550HP I5 turbo, full boost by 3800-4000rpm, extremely (sink your eye-sockets into their skull) powerful midrange and topend, very soft below 4krpm but the ultimate turbo for 7500rpm shifts and high boost and power outputs.

A recent testimonial from a customer running the K26/GT3071R:


Thank you for your help sizing my Turbo. Needless to say I was a bit hesitant with trying the 3071. I was originally going to try the GT30. I am very happy you convinced me to try the 3071. The boost threshold is so much lower than the last To4e I ran in the car. This has got to be the turbo of choice for a street driven UrS4. I don't feel I've lost anything on the top end and i get full boost before 3000 even with my ported head and 7A cams. No surge either! I can't wait to try it with my stock AAN and RS2 cams. I know that the cams will bring the threshold even lower. I'll let you know once I have dyno numbers. My "butt dyno" tells me the car is faster and that I am getting more torque at a lower RPM. Miss piggy may turn into a drag racer!

An added bonus was that the center housing was more compact and gave me a bit more room in front of the turbo. I can actually fit the intake ducting that had to be removed for the T04E install.

Thanks again for your help."

If you're looking to upgrade to the RS2, or upgrade from the RS2 to something faster responding and more powerful, this kit is for you.


Please choose for the 5 turbo options below to best suit your power need. Choose the .82AR for higher revving motors where the top end of the powerband is more critical, or the .63 for faster spooling, more streetable midrange performance.

Also note what chassis you'll be installing this kit in in the comments field of the checkout, this kit fits all OE I5 20vt applications such as K24, K26 and RS2 applications.

** NOTE, due to the larger size and flow capacity of this turbo inlet hose, we do not recommend using the OEM ducting from the core support to the stock air box, this not only restricts room but is also restrictive to flow above 350HP levels.  If you must use these pieces for your own reasons, then we can supply parts to help you relocate the N75 valve for an extra cost (or you can relocate it yourself).  The fit is still VERY tight but it can all be squeezed in, we will not be responsible for any loss of performance or power from using this air box ducting.

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