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Audi 10-Valve Fuel Rail - Improved!


Audi 10-valve fuel rail, now made from solid gun-drilled billet aluminum, radiused corners, CAD designed CNC construction, the finest quality, highest tolerance piece possible.

Now included with o-ring seal end fittings in -6AN, guaranteed to seal every time, simply thread in and tighten, no sealing compounds needed.

Production CNC bent mounting brackets and metric fasteners, adjustable to fit most any EFI injector, CNC machined for accurate fit and seals are NOW INCLUDED!

Fitment note - as with all 10v turbo applications, the throttle cam sits right in the area where a fuel rail will normally need to sit.  To deal with this clearance issue, the plastic throttle cam should be modified or cut away and the "ball" for the cruise control function be used to open and close the TB.  The throttle linkage needs to be suitably modified as well to make this work, usually using and modifying the parts from the cruise control plunger gives you everything you need.  

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