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Catch Can Breather Kit, C4 Audi URS4/URS6 Aan


The ultimate breather can kit for the C4 AAN S4/S6, everything needed for a clean, OEM type conversion.  Our Vortex breather can is neatly installed with custom molded, 4-ply reinforced silicone hoses to pull oil and water vapor out of the crank case breather fumes, this results in greatly reduced oil sludging in the intake system. 

Pooled oil in the intake tract reduced intercooler efficiency and reduces the fuel octane by allowing the motor to ingest oil.  Also keeps the oil where its supposed to be, in the sump, by automatically draining back to the oil pan.  Fully bolt in install, no modifications required.

Price per kit.

Note: Vehicles running catch cans in below freezing temperatures are advised to remove the catch can during winter months to avoid freeze-up issues. Race cars that need to run catch cans in freezing conditions should take extra steps to prevent freeze-up such as an electric heater or cleaning out the system regularly. Take care when routing the lines and avoid drooping, as that can allow oil/water to collect and freeze.

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