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Audi And Volkswagen Direct Injection Head Port Cleaning Tool


Product Description

Modern direct injection engines are efficient and powerful, but are prone to carbon deposits that build up inside the intake port and on the back-side of intake valves. These deposits rob the engine of power and efficiency. Traditional methods of manually removing these deposits can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

The 034Motorsport Direct Injection Head Port Cleaning Tool makes short and easy work of removing these deposits from your intake ports and valves. The tool has a small port for a media blasting wand and a large port that connects to a shop vacuum hose. The vacuum generated by the shop vac holds the tool in place up against the intake port, freeing your hands to focus on the media blasting.

To use, simply rotate the crankshaft to close the intake valves in a given intake port before positioning the Direct Injection Head Port Cleaning Tool on the intake port. Turn on the vacuum and media blast away. All of the blasting media is sucked into the shop vac, making the entire process quick and easy, with little to no clean-up necessary afterwards.


  • Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum For Durability
  • Clear Anodized for an Attractive, Corrosion Resistant Finish
  • Fits Standard 40mm (1 1/2") ShopVac Hose
  • Accommodates Media Blast Wands Up to 10mm (3/8") in Diameter
  • Makes Carbon Cleaning of Direct Injection VAG Engines Much Easier and Faster

What's Included:

  • Direct Injection Head Port Cleaning Tool (x1)
  • Lots of Additional Free Time

Fitment Guide:

  • See Fitment Guide Tab for Extensive List of Applications

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does this fit the cylinder head without injector removal? - YES
  • Does this fit the B7 RS4 heads without injector removal? - YES
  • Note: For 2.0 motors, it is easier to use this tool with the injectors removed, and the 2.0 injectors are easy to remove.

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