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034efi Varimap Switchable 2.5, 3, 4 Bar Map Sensor

SKU: 034-111-5000

Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

If you are looking for a robust upgrade for a Bosch pressure transducer and/or need the flexibility to change the range of your pressure transducer, then the 034EFI Varimap is the ultimate solution.

The Varimap is a variable manifold pressure sensor which can be programmed by the factory to replicate virtually any linear manifold pressure sensor in it's class. The maximum adjustable "usable" range of the unit at the factory is from 1.0 to 5.0 bar absolute. The 034EFI Varimap can be configured by the user (via jumper) as a 2.5, 3, or 4 BAR MAP sensor. It essentially has the functionality of multiple sensors in a single unit.

The Varimap can be also be used as a substitute/upgrade for the Bosch 0 273 003 210/211 sensors giving you the added flexibility of switching between ranges. The Varimap provides an upgrade path for larger power increases. It is extremely stable, robust and accurate. The lot to lot tolerances are better than any production sensor in this class and uses only the latest critical components. In addition the design is such that all critical components temperature coefficients are matched providing precision even at extreme temperatures.  The Varimap can also be used to reduce pressure in engine knocking situations.

Common upgrade for UrS4 chipped cars that need a higher MAP sensor than stock.

The 034EFI Varimap offers a simple jumper configuration to switch between 2.5, 3, and 4 BAR ranges. The active range selection can be verified without completely pulling the ECU apart with the range display LED. This LED will indicate what setting the Varimap is currently using by blinking a corresponding number of blinks.

For more information, please visit the tech article linked below.


Varimap Installation Instructions