Upgraded Side Mount Intercooler Kit, B5 Audi RS4 2.7T SMIC Gen 2



The largest, highest quality intercooler kit on the market for the RS4, dwarfing RS4 OEM intercoolers, this is a bolt in kit complete with carbon fiber shrouds.  Updated to the latest tube fin technology for the intercooler core, combined with cast aluminum and then CNC endtanks for reliable high performance air to air charge cooling. OEM+ Fit and finish for easy installation.

Developed with CAD, this kit is a perfect fit manufactured to very close tolerances.  Includes everything needed for installation.  This kit is a direct fit with the RS4 bumper and  S4's can install this kit as well with the RS4 bumper and fenders.  Some minor trimming may be required. Compared to other kits on the market, this is the perfect kit for Stage 3+ cars or Tial turbo upgrade cars. 

034 Motorsport RS4 Intercoolers

  • Height 10.04” (255mm)
  • Width 10.43” (265mm)
  • Depth 3.54” (90mm)
  • Exposed Core Volume 371 Cubic Inch
  • 17 Charge Rows
  • High Efficiency Tube and Fin, Cast End Tanks

OEM  RS4 Intercoolers

  • Height 7.125” (180mm)
  • Width 9.1” (230mm)
  • Depth 2.55” (65mm)
  • Exposed Core Volume 162 Cubic Inch
  • 15 Charge Rows
  • Bar and Plate, Cast End Tanks

OEM  S4 intercoolers

  • Height 8.5” (215mm)
  • Width 6.3” (160mm)
  • Depth 2.55” (65mm)
  • Exposed Core Volume 136 Cubic Inch
  • 11 Charge Rows
  • Bar and Plate, Plastic End Tanks