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IE Adjustable Cam Gear | Fits VW/Audi 1.8T 20V 06A

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  • Finely tune your your power band
  • Adjustment Range +/- 10 Deg
  • Hard anodize outer ring for the ultimate in wear resistance
  • Stainless ARP Hardware locks it securely
  • Sharp laser etching for exact cam positioning
  • Fully CNC machined in USA
  • Fits all VW/Audi 1.8T 20V 06A engines


IE's Adjustable Cam Gear allows you to finely tune the power band of your engine by advancing or retarding your cam timing. This adjustment allows you to dial in whatever cams you have to the setup you are running for peak power. Each cam gear is precision CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, and features a real one piece male keyway for an exact OE fit. The cam gear outer rings are machined to OE specifications for a perfect mesh with your timing belt and then hard anodized for wear. The threads are roll form tapped to create the toughest threads available, and then stuffed with high quality stainless ARP bolts to lock it all together. Finally, a flawless layer of bright dip anodizing is interrupted only by the crisp laser etching which ensures you can always know exactly where your cams are positioned.


If you chose to purchase the cam gear only option you will receive a full IE Cam Gear Assembly. When installing your cam gear, DO NOT reuse your factory cam gear bolt. These are one time use stretch bolts and must be replaced every time you remove it.


When installing an Integrated Engineering billet cam gear on your race engine, an ARP cam gear bolt and an EKagrip friction disk are recommended to keep the timing components in place under high load/high RPM use. With the added stress of larger cams and stiffer valve springs, the factory interface can become weakened and fail under high RPM use. We offer this full cam gear kit to make the installation process simple, with all of the needed parts included. Purchase together and save!

Kit Includes:
  • (X1) IE Cam Gear Assembly 
  • (X1) IE/ ARP Cam Gear Bolt
  • (X1) IE / EKagrip Cam Gear Friction Disc


  • VW - Golf 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V
  • VW - GTI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V
  • VW - Passat 1998-2005 (B5 - B5.5) -06A only
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V
  • VW - Beetle 1998-2011 (1C - 9C - 1Y) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - A4 1996-2001 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V -06A only
  • AUDI - A4 2002-2005 (B6) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - A6 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - A6 Allroad 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - TT 2000-2006 (MK1 - 8N) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - A3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V
  • AUDI - S3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V

Does not fit early B5 Passat & A4 058 engines. 

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