IE Adjustable Camber Plates For VW MK4 & Audi TT MK1 Chassis

ALT-Integrated Engineering



Maximize your grip levels and keep your tire's contact patch flat on the pavement under hard cornering by dialing in your camber with these high-performance camber plates!


Integrated Engineering camber plates excel when ensuring that the tire's contact patch is flat on the pavement under hard cornering. This is essential to maximizing grip levels dialing in the required amount of negative camber (leaning the tire in) for your specific tire and suspension combination. Higher grip levels cause further body roll and suspension deflection and this requires more camber. These Integrated Engineering camber plates allow maximum adjustability of camber. They also provide a stable foundation for your front suspension by replacing the compliant rubber OEM mounts with a steel bearing, eliminating unwanted movement under heavy loads.

Our engineering team looked at this application carefully in order to ensure optimum performance. Care was also taken to achieve these gains without any detrimental effects on daily drivability. A heavy duty US sourced Aurora spherical bearing controls the top of the shock absorber. It is secured in a high strength heat treated alloy steel cup, which has been designed to provide a lifetime of reliable service.

In order to combat the spring popping and binding issues so common with many camber plates, our design incorporates a heavy duty thrust needle bearing as well. This has been taken to another level by our Full Environmental Seal technology (FES), completely sealing this bearing from the elements, which keeps your suspension operating smoothly and quietly for far longer than any other solution on the market. Maximize your cars grip levels by getting a set of Integrated Engineering camber plates today!


IE MK4 Chassis Camber Plates are available for only 2.5" ID springs. Please measure the ID of your spring before ordering, due to the massive selection of aftermarket suspensions available IE does not have a list of matched sizes for different suspensions.


  • VW - GTI MK4 (1992-2005)
  • VW - R32 MK4 (2004)
  • VW - Jetta MK4 (1992-2005)
  • VW - Golf MK4 (1992-2005)
  • Audi MK1 TT (2000-2006)


Will these camber plates fit with my suspension?
We have designed our camber plates to be a direct replacement for factory strut mounts and are available for multiple spring sizes to match OE or aftermarket suspensions. On aftermarket suspension, measure the spring ID (inner diameter) where it meats the strut to ensure a direct fit. These plates are available in only 2.5" ID springs. We highly recommend verifying this measurement before ordering.

How are the IE camber plates adjusted?
Our camber plates have 4 screws on the top side for easy adjustment. Due to space constraints of the MK4 chassis, the camber plates must be unbolted from the upper shock tower for adjusting. In race applications, the shock tower can be cut open on the top to allow adjustment to be made on the car. Once they are adjusted, they are typically installed permanently and the car is aligned.

How much camber can be achieved with the IE camber plates?
We have designed our camber plates with the largest adjustment range possible. They can be adjusted to approximately -2.0 degrees of camber.

I use my car for street driving with the occasional track day, where should I set the camber?
Since most of our customers’ cars are street driven and used for the occasional track day, we recommend setting the camber around -2.0 degrees. This is a good area to set them and leave them, as it provides enough camber for track days and will not cause irregular tire wear once the car is aligned.