Siemens Deka 630cc Injector - High Impedance

ALT-Integrated Engineering



• High Impedance

• Wide Angle spray pattern for multivalve heads

• High-quality Siemens Deka Injector works well even with high pressure

• Excellent for 1.8t 20v Engines

• The injector of choice for the famous Unitronics 630cc 1.8t Big turbo file

• Flows 60lb/hr or 630cc / min @ 43.5psi fuel pressure


These injectors are an extremely popular set for use in many imports, up to approximately 125whp per cylinder. One extremely common use of these is with VW / Audi 1.8t Engines wishing to run the common, and excellent Unitronics 630cc injector file. They are an exceptionally high-quality injector that works well even with extremely high fuel pressures and feature a wide angle spray pattern and very good atomization.

This is for one injector, so purchase as many as you need!