Fluidampr Crank Pulley For 2.0T TSI Gen 1/2

ALT-Integrated Engineering



• SFI 18.1 certified for professional motorsports

• Vibration protection for the safe operation of engine internals

• Smooth power delivery

• Made in the USA

• Retains timing mark

• Corrosion resistant black zinc chromate finish

• Direct replacement


A stock crank pulley is designed for a stock engine. When an engine is modified, the stock crank pulley does not do its job of keeping vibrations to a minimum. The solution comes from Fluidampr, the leading performance pulley manufacturer. Using a special design, these pullies will eliminate much of the vibration produced by your engine, keeping your flywheel, trigger wheel, and timing gear on the crank in higher horsepower modified engines, even at high RPM usage.

Fluidampr performance dampers are engineered for superior, long-lasting crankshaft torsional vibration control. Improve long term optimum performance and durability by upgrading the stock elastomer style crank pulley to a Fluidampr performance damper during the early stages of engine modifications. The broad rpm range vibration protection and smooth power delivery. This Fluidampr performance damper allows for future engine upgrades, including common single disc clutch kits, without the need for a costly damper re-tune or replacement common with elastomer style harmonic dampers.

The new Fluidampr performance damper for Volkswagen TSI applications is a direct replacement and accepts the OEM crank pulley removal tool. Constructed from high tensile strength steel, components are precision CNC machined and high-speed computer balanced during manufacturing. Made in the USA and finished with a corrosion resistant black zinc chromate finish and engraved timing mark.