ARP Main Stud Kit for 2.7T 30V V6 Engines

ALT-Integrated Engineering



ARP is the go-to manufacturer in the automotive industry for engine fasteners. Whether it be OEM replacement parts or custom hardware, their dedication to consistent top notch quality has made them a favorite in the racing world.

The ARP main stud kits designed by IE can help eliminate main cap walk and fretting and also protect the threads in your engine block. These ARP main studs are made from premium grade ARP2000 alloy steel, which ARP reserves for the highest level of their quality products. The studs are heat treated to 220,000 psi then thread rolled afterward, giving them twenty times better fatigue strength over studs threaded prior to treatment (a common practice with lesser quality studs). These parts are great for racing, manufactured in the U.S.A. and 100% re-usable. Main studs require align honing to be done for installation.

This kit is for engines with different length main studs. Please confirm that your engine uses different length bolts from the factory before ordering.

Manufacturer's Part Number(s)
ARP 204-5801


  • AUDI - All 2.7T 30V ENGINES