C5 Audi RS6 4.2T Performance ECU Software



034Motorsport is proud to offer our C5 Audi RS6 Stage Tuning Software for the 4.2L Biturbo V8 Engine found in the 2003-2004 Audi RS6 Quattro!

Through optimization of the factory ECU's boost, fueling, and timing maps, the 034Motorsport 4.2T Stage 1 Tune is able to safely provide increased horsepower and torque, as well as a much broader powerband. 034Motorsport's engineers have also addressed other shortcomings of the factory calibrations by increasing the rev limit to 6,800 RPM, and refining part-throttle mapping for improved drivability.

With the 034Motorsport C5 Audi RS6 Stage 1 Tune, you can expect faster acceleration, increased peak horsepower, huge increases in low-end and midrange torque, improved throttle response, and a much broader powerband!

This tune was developed in-house by 034Motorsport's expert calibrator, and was thoroughly tested on the street, track, and dyno before release.

Stage 1 Peak Horsepower & Torque:

  • Stock: 450 Horsepower / 415 Foot-Pounds of Torque
  • Stage 1: 515 Horsepower / 580 Foot-Pounds of Torque

Stage 1 Peak Horsepower & Torque Gains Under Curve:

  • 133 Horsepower Increase at 4,250 RPM
  • 165 Foot-Pounds of Torque Increase at 4,250 RPM
  • Developed In-House on the Street, Track, and 034Motorsport's Chassis Dyno
  • Optimized Boost, Timing & Fueling Maps for Increased Horsepower & Torque with 91 Octane Fuel
  • Peak Boost Increased to 17.5 PSI
  • 93 Octane & 100 Octane Tunes Available Upon Request
  • Increased Rev Limiter to 6,800 RPM (034Motorsport C5 Audi RS6 Tiptronic TCU "Tip Chip" Upgrade Recommended)
  • Speed Limiter (Governor) Removed
  • Improved Throttle Response & Power Delivery
  • Refined Throttle Mapping for Part Throttle Drivability
  • Increased Fuel Economy
Compatible Vehicles:
  • 2003-2004 Audi RS6 4.2T (C5)

Note: Stage 2 offers the same HP and TQ gains as Stage 1 while allowing for aftermarket downpipes or cats.

  • Option 1: Flashed directly through your vehicle's existing OBD-II Diagnostic Port by 034Motorsport.
  • Option 2: Flashed directly through your vehicle's existing OBD-II Diagnostic Port by you, using the PL34 Handheld Flash-Loader. You will receive a free second map with purchase of a PL34 Handheld Flash-Loader! (Sold Separately)

Wheel Horsepower Dyno Plot | 91 Octane | Stage 1 Tune for C5 Audi RS6 4.2T:

034Motorsport Dyno Tuned C5 Audi RS6 4.2T Stage 1 WHP 2003-2004 Audi RS6 4.2L Biturbo V8







**Not for use on emissions controlled vehicles in California, off road, track, and racing applications only**