MAF Hose, B5 S4/RS4, 4" or 102mm MAF, Silicone Reinforced



The finest quality reinforced silicone MAF hose for the 2.7T. Designed to go from a 4" or 100mm OD MAF housing to the 2.7T or RS4 Y-Pipe. Modeled using CAD software to ensure optimal fitment.

Features a larger inside diameter and smoother surface for better flow, and stiffer construction to prevent collapsing. Manufactured from high-quality automotive silicone for life long reliability.

IDs measures approx 88 and 102mm. This hose is compatible with most 95mm ID MAFs on the market with a 4" or 102mm OD, including our own.

Includes hose clamps!

Available in black only.