Chip Tuning Package 3B, Stage 1



This 034Motorsport Chip Tuning Package is suitable for all stock turbo Audi 3B engines. A specially notched Varimap MAP sensor for the 3B ECU, is included in the kit. This chip tuning package is meant for use with the stock fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and wastegate spring.

We recommend this tune for all motors with stock internals. Upgraded connecting rods or pistons not required!


  • 20 PSI Boost Peak, Tapers to 13 PSI at Redline
  • 40 WHP Increase Over Stock
  • Broader Powerband
  • Redline Increased to 7000 RPM
  • Air/Fuel Ratio:
    • 11.5-11.8 Under Boost
    • 14.7 Under Light Load & Idle Conditions
  • Recommended for 91-93 Octane Fuel

What's Included:

  • Specially Notched Varimap MAP Sensor with Installation Accesories for 3B ECU
  • 034EFI Stage 1 Chipset (Fuel/Timing and Boost)

Note: We now only ship chips which can be installed by the user or an ECU specialist, we no longer offer the service of shipping in ECU's and modifying them.

**Not for use on emissions controlled vehicles in California, off road, track, and racing applications only**