Chip Tuning, AAN/ABY Stage 1+



034Motorsport is proud to offer 034EFI Chip Tuning for the I5 20VT. Countless hours of dyno, street, and track testing go into each of our 034EFI tunes before release, to ensure an unparalleled driving experience.

The 034EFI AAN/ABY Stage 1+ Chip Tune was developed to be the ultimate chip tuning solution for stock-turbo AAN engines found in the C4 Audi S4 & S6 (UrS4/UrS6) and ABY engine found in the later Audi S2. This chipset remaps the factory ECU's boost, timing and fueling to provide increased power without sacrificing reliability. Offers a broader powerband with huge increases in low-end torque, as well as significant gains in top-end horsepower.

This tune is recommended for all stock-turbo AAN/ABY engines, and utilizes the stock fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and mass airflow sensor (MAF). Does not require upgraded rods or pistons.


  • Dyno Proven Peak Gains of 40 WHP & 60 WTQ
  • Broader Powerband & Improved Throttle Response
  • 20 PSI Boost Peak, Tapers to 14 PSI at Redline
  • Redline Increased to 7200 RPM
  • Air/Fuel Ratio:
    • 11.5-11.8 Under Boost
    • 14.7 Under Light Load & Idle Conditions.
  • Recommended for 91-93 Octane Fuel.

What's Included:

  • 034EFI AAN Stage 1+ Chipset (Boost & Timing/Fuel Chips)

Required Supporting Modifications:

Recommended (Optional) Supporting Modifications:

Please Note:

  • This is only for the chip tune. If you are looking for a complete tuning package, see our AAN/ABY Stage 1+ Tuning Package here.
  • If your ECU is already socketed, then we can ship you the Chip Tuning Package to install yourself with included instructions.

Note: We now only ship chips which can be installed by the user or an ECU specialist, we no longer offer the service of shipping in ECU's and modifying them.

**Not for use on emissions controlled vehicles in California, off road, track, and racing applications only**